Fitness Blogging for Fun and Profit in 5 Easy Steps


Maybe you’re a fitness pro, looking to bring your message to a larger audience – and make a few extra bucks on the side.

Maybe you’re just a fitness enthusiast who wants to blog about your own tips, successes and failures.

I’m here to tell you that there is a LOT of opportunity for you to start your own fitness blog for fun and profit.

I’ve been at it for about four years myself. And have built a nice little side business in the process, where I now reach tens of thousands of folks on a daily basis through various channels (my blog(s), various other websites, email newsletter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

Even cooler, I can work on this business ANYWHERE in the world with an internet connection.  I make what most folks would consider a full time income – on the “side” – from my online business.  And I do it in about two or three hours of work per day. Crazy stuff.

So, figured I’d put together a “top-level” view of how YOU can start a fitness blog – yourself! – for fun and profit.  Let’s get right to it!

side note: this post is a SUPER top-level view of my online business. If you are serious about doing this, I recommend you pick up a full program that will walk you through the process.

I have literally purchased dozens if not hundreds of programs and products on the topics I’m covering in today’s post … and the most comprehensive, and really the only need to get started, is my friend and mentor Craig Ballantyne’s Online Second Paycheck System. Get it here:

=> CB’s OSP

Fitness Blogging for Fun and Profit – in 5 Easy Steps

1 – Find an “untapped” niche

First figure out – Who do you want to service? What do you want to provide them?

Then you need to find a “hole” in the market where you can solve a big problem.

A good example is a project I partnered on with a friend of mine last year – Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts.

Kettlebells are hot. Fitness boot camps are hot.  No one had really put the two together into a product. By doing this we were able to sell almost 1,000 units and bring in over $25,000 in total revenue in a week’s time with this one product.

What unique idea do YOU have that you could bring to the world?

2 – Create your blog

Now, you need to create your blog around the big problem you’re looking to solve.

Maybe you want to help stay-at-home-moms lose fat with fast, efficient workouts they can do w minimal equipment.

Maybe you want to help people lose fat and get healthy with easy-to-prepare recipes.

Whatever topic you’ve picked, you’ll need to:

— get a domain name
— get hosting
— install WordPress (easiest solution)

You can do this yourself if you’re tech savvy. Or you can go to a site like and hire someone to do it cheaply.

Also. You’ll need to put together a free report or video or both to get folks to sign up for your email list. Something that solves one big problem for your prospects. As an example, I have a beginner’s guide to kettlebell training on my site at – and over 5,000 people over the last three years have signed up for my email list from this site along.

This is SUPER important to capture your visitors info, so you can email and follow up with them later on down the road.

3 – Get traffic

SO many ways to drive traffic to your site. But you gotta get folks to come check it out. And specifically, folks who are interested in what you got to come check it out.

Start by simply telling you friends, family and co-workers what you got going. And have them tell everyone they know too that might be interested.

Then the next easy place for most folks would be social media. Post a link on your personal Facebook page. You could also start a Fan Page for your blog specifically.

Also basic SEO for your blog posts will help you get some organic traffic (see the OSP system for instructions on how to do that)

YouTube is another great place to get traffic. Create videos around topics you cover on your blog, and direct folks back to your site in the videos, mentioning your free report or give-away.

4 – Content creation

You want to be consistent in your content creation. At LEAST once a week post to your blog. Two or three times would be even better.

Another easy way to get folks to your site would be to do guest posts for OTHER bloggers in your area of focus … and have them link back to your site and send THEIR readers your way.

When you post a new blog, email out a link to it to your growing email list (you ARE growing your email list, right?)

Then it’s time for …

5 – Monetization

Okay … all this sounds great so far … but how to you make money from it? 😉

Lots of ways actually.

The best are:

— create your OWN product – after you’ve been at the content creation thing for a little while, you can easily create a $7 or $9 product that solves a specific  problem. Like maybe some recipes put together, or a six week workout program for a specific goal.
— recommend other’s products – you can recommend other’s products as an affiliate and get a commission when other buy on your recommendation. Of course, the key is that the products you recommend are of TOP quality and will help improve your reader’s lives.
— sell a service – you could do online training or nutrition coaching, for example.

If you’re going to do any or all of these things, you’re going to need to know how to write the sales copy to sell the products. How to charge and deliver the products. And a lot more. You will find out how to do ALL of this in the OSP system, here:

=> Full online business “blueprint”

Whew. There you have a VERY top-level view of how to start a fitness blog for fun and profit. If you have questions or comments, please send them my way. And good luck in starting your own fitness blog!!

Forest Vance

PS – If you are really serious about doing this – don’t waste time trying to search around the internet and get all the details on how to get everything set up. Get THIS product, study it like I did, read the manual, listen to the audios, and get your blog out there to the world!!

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