How NOT to Start A Fitness Boot Camp (my personal story)

I remember about five and a half years ago when the idea first struck me to start up a fitness boot camp.

I was an independent personal trainer at the time, working out of a small local gym. I would train folks, pay the owner of the facility a portion of each session, and keep the rest for myself. It was a fine set up at the time.  But I knew there had to be something more.

I saw a guy running a boot camp out of a park that I would drive by every day. I thought it was kind of a neat idea, that maybe I could do something like that myself.

Boot camps in the park would mean low overhead – no rent or per session fee to pay to anyone. It also meant I could train a bunch of people at once, charge THEM a lot ess than a personal training session would cost, and *I* would end up making a lot more money per hour.

I remember doing the math and how excited I got. If I could just train 10 folks at a time, and charge them 15 dollars each … that would be 150 bucks I would make for a one hour workout. Ten of those per week – one in the am, one in the pm, Mon thru Fri – and I would be making some decent dough. Around 6k per month, working like two hours a day! Wow!

So I decided to make it happen. I told my friends and family and got some fliers printed up and stuck them everywhere I could think of around town. I think I got 11 or 12 folks to come out and was PUMPED. It was a lot of fun actually, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Thing was, I made no money. It was free 🙂

And then when I tried to get folks to actually pay for it moving forward, it didn’t work out very well. I had like three people sign up. Not as easy as I thought 😉

Honestly I struggled with my boot camps for a good two years. I couldn’t figure out how to get clients in the door. Our boot camps would often end up having two or three people in them.

Then, it was also tough to know how to best structure the workouts so clients of different ability levels could still get a good workout and get the results they were looking for. So people didn’t end up staying around that long.

AND I didn’t really have systems in place to bill clients, or keep track of their sessions, or schedule their workouts, etc. etc. …

I can honestly say that it wasn’t until I got a system to follow – with a plan for how to design the workouts, for how to attract and retain clients – that I started to succeed. Now I have a pretty rockin boot camp business with well over 100 paying clients, and it’s growing every month. But the foundational SYSTEM is the base I have built it all off of.

=> Here is the system I recommend you follow if you’re looking to start up a boot camp yourself

See, if I’ve learned anything in the last few years, it’s that it is all about having systems in place to help you:

– get new folks in the door on a consistent basis
– convert them to paying clients
– get them awesome results
– bill people on a consistent basis
– get them scheduled for their training properly
– keep track of their sessions
– get them to stay a long time
– get them to refer their friends, family, and co-workers

Not rocket science. BUT requires that you know what the hell you are doing. Which I do MORE now (always still learning and getting better), but when I started did not at ALL.

=> Here is the system I recommend you follow if you’re looking to start up a boot camp yourself

The system I recommend you follow if you’re looking to start up a boot camp yourself is put together by my good friend and business partner Georgette Pann.

Georgette is a an ACE-certified trainer who specializes in weight loss and nutrition, bodybuilding, post rehab and fitness boot camps. She’s also the co-owner of NutriFitness LLC, which runs many boot camps each year. Plus, she’s a FiTour Certified Boot Camp Trainer, a sports nutritionist, and certified outdoor fitness trainer.

Her program covers:

– Complete instructions for planning and designing your boot camp
– All the registration forms and liability waivers you need — no need to hire an expensive attorney!
– Complete sample workouts and exercise descriptions – your trainees will love the variety, and you’ll love having the planning done for you!
– All the marketing materials, samples and templates you need to create sold-out boot camps!

At the end of the day, I truly believe training folks in a group format is the way to go. They pay less, get better results, and you make more. BUT you have to knowwhat the hell you are doing to make the system work. Otherwise you’ll be like I was and have a HOBBY, but not a BUSINESS, with your fitness boot camp. Grab Georgette’s program if you need some direction – and would love to hear how it works for you!!



PS – Georgette has put her program on sale for MY readers only for a limited time. The link in this message is special though, so please don’t tell everyone you knowabout it because it is a significant discount from the regular price. Thanks!!

=> Grab your copy of Georgette’s program at a huge discount here

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