“Six Figure” PT Biz in 90 Days – a Simple Plan


Okay, so I have no idea what your exact income goals and requirements are.

But six figures of annual revenue is a common goal for fit pros.

And frankly, you SHOULD be doing at LEAST six figures in your fitness business, and you have the potential to make a LOT more if you want to!

But let’s start there.


So I have 90 days to be on track to making 100k per year. I just moved to a new city and I’m starting from scratch.

The business model I like is a mix of semi private training and boot camps.

I can leverage my time, and easily hit my income target in two or three hours per day of training time – leaving the rest of my available time to work ON the business, getting leads, selling, providing great service, etc.

So average price points are:

– 299/mo for semi private clients
– 199/mo for boot camp clients

11 semi private clients @ 299 per month will get me $3,289 in revenue … and 26 boot camp clients @ 199 per month will get me $5,174 in revenue … which will get me

$8,463 in monthly revenue total, or $101,556 per year.

That’s a total of 37 clients I’ll need to get in 90 days.

That breaks down to about 12-13 new clients per month.

And 3 per week.

VERY do-able … don’t you think?

Here’s my plan …

1 – I’m going to get a basic website up. It will get people to call me for a free trial, and have a place for people to leave their email address in return for my free report.

I am going to get a Yelp page up.

I am going to get my Google Places profile active.

And I’m going to get a presence going on Facebook and other social media.

These things combined are going to get me about 10 leads per month … which if we follow the steps in this report, should get me 3-4 new clients per month.

2 – I’m going to do a charity boot camp once a month on a Saturday. I’m going to use the email list I’m growing from my website and my Facebook page to get people to come.

I’ll also contact the charity and see if they will email out about it, post it to social media, etc.

I’m also going to see local businesses will let me put fliers about the event in their places (which they should be – it’s an easy sell, it’s for charity! 😉

I’ll see if they’ll tell their email list and social media followers about it as well.

My goal will be to get 10 people to come to these each – which should result in another 3-4 clients if I do everything right.

3 – I’m going to re-invest some of the $$ I’m making into door hangers.

Each month, I’m going to get 1000 of these printed, hire a couple of high school kids, and hit the pavement with them and hand them out in the neighborhood for half a day. This should get me at LEAST 10 more leads, and 3-4 more clients.

SO … each month, if I’m doing everything right, I’m getting about 30 leads per month, about 20 consults, and about 12 new clients … which will get me to my 36 clients!


To add a little “buffer” in, just in case I don’t quite hit that 36 client mark …

That’s where our value maximization strategies come in!

The first two months, I am going to just focus on lead gen and getting new people signed up.

On the third month, I should have 20-25 clients at that point – and I have a decent base of folks I can add some back end income streams to.

So, the last month, I’m going to:

– Get some T shirts designed and have a sale (50% of clients get one @ $25 ea = about $250)

– Launch a special add-on 8 week program to get ready for a local mud run – I’ll charge $149 for the full eight weeks, get 5 people to sign up, and will make $750

And there you have an extra $1000 in your pocket 🙂


There you have a simple plan to create a six figure PT biz in 90 days, from scratch.

I have no idea what your exact income goals and requirements are … but six figures of annual revenue is a common goal for fit pros … and this was just a fun plan for me to put together 🙂

So get to work on building that six – figure PT biz!

– Forest Vance

PS – I am going to be opening up a few spots in my Elite Coaching program at some point in the next couple of weeks. If you’re interested in working more closely with
me to help you reach your fitness business goals, shoot me a message, and I’ll let you know as soon as the program is open. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “Six Figure” PT Biz in 90 Days – a Simple Plan

  1. carlos says:

    Hey brother,

    I just want to say thanks for this report I’m going to get at it.
    I’ve been strugling trying to attract client. I have 1 paying client.
    I’m training in a park near my home, I’ve put flyers out I have a good website, facebook page, I’m also offering 2 FREE WEEK TRIAL what am I doing wrong?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Absolutely Carlos, happy to help!

      Hmmm … Carlos can you post here or shoot me an email with a link to your website and your Facebook page?

      I’ll take a look and see if I can help.


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