Forgotten PT marketing method? -or- How to get more new clients, starting this week!

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Just like you probably do, we go through periods of busy and slower times at FVT.

Sometimes, the phone is ringing off the hook, and our new client intro session schedule gets so booked that we have a hard time getting people in for an appt!

But there are also slower times, where we get a bit behind on our leads goal for the month, and we have to get back to basics and start hustling to get things rolling again.

So – if we have to get new clients ASAP and get our biz back on track, our #1 strategy is … in-person, belly-to-belly marketing.

This is the fastest way for us to get new folks in the door.

For example, some things that have worked well in the past, and probably always will:

— Booth at street fairs in the local area
— Getting involved at the local elementary school for events, fundraisers, etc
— Networking with local business owners and seeing how you can help each other / refer business
— Wearing your t shirt / etc when you are out and about, striking up conversations w folks and inviting them in for a workout
— Showing up and participating at local events, runs, charity functions, etc where your ideal clients are
— Offering a special introductory deal / trial to the owners of small businesses in the immediate proximity of your training biz

I often think folks forget about this. Seems like sometimes, all trainers want to do is just sit behind their computer, run a few fb ads, send a few emails … and they expect droves of clients running through the door!

But don’t forget – belly to belly marketing always has worked, and always will.

If you need to start getting new clients ASAP, it’s one of the fastest, most cost effective ways to do it.

Now get out there and start hustling! 🙂

– Forest Vance

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