How to Find Your “Hook”

Today I want to talk about the idea of finding your “hook”.

A product / marketing hook is what you need to cut through the clutter and break through to the next level.

My first breakthough in the online space, as an example, was a project I did with a partner a couple of years ago, called “Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts“.

We marketed this product to the fit pro space, and we KNEW it filled a hole in the marketplace.

Kettlebells were / are hot …

“Done-for-you” boot camp workouts were hot …

But there was no program out there that combined the two.

So we joined forces, but the program together, and ended up selling over 1000 units and did over $20,000 of sales over a four day period!

So how do you find YOUR hook?

I believe that the BEST way to do it is 1) LISTEN to the marketplace – what do people WANT, and what are the UNMET NEEDS? – and 2) be prolific!

See, sometimes, there is a combination of luck/great market research/timing/whatever else, and you end up hitting a homerun with your first product.

This also works for your offline business – sometimes, you are in the right market with the right focus at the right time, and things blow up!

I have seen it happen several times, and people can go from zero to having a six-figure plus business in a matter of months.

More often than not however, your first attempt or two or three or more will do OK, but not be a smashing success.

This was certainly the case with me – I created several info products that did OK, and I made a few hundred or a couple thousand dollars with each one of them, and sold a few dozen or 100 copies or so.

Of course I also put a lot of work into them, and effort, and blood sweat and tears, so I wasn’t getting making ton of money off of these initial efforts.

But I think the most important thing is that the experience of doing this in the skills that you learn along with it – you learn how to write sales copy, you learn how to package your product together and deliver it in a fashion that is going to make sense and be efficient for use by your customers, and you learn a lot of other skills as well …

And then eventually, if you are prolific and get a lot of stuff out there, you WILL have something that catches on … and THEN you can put all of your time, effort, and energy into making that your best, high converting, killer big idea / offer … and take your business to new heights!

So, to sum up – if you want to find the “hook” that’s going to take your business to the next level, LISTEN to what the marketplace wants, BE prolific, FIND your winner, put all your efforts and attention and foucs into it … and you’ll be on your way to more business than you can handle!!

– Forest Vance

PS – Want my help with any part of this process? Hit “reply” to this email and let me know.

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