Why Your Training Program Sucks – and What to Do About It

As I see it, when it comes to programming / designing your workouts, you have two main options.

One option is something that’s DONE FOR YOU … like my KB Challenge Workouts Mega Bundle.  You can just take the workouts as written, plug them in, and you’re good to go.

The other approach is to program your own workouts. You take everything that you’ve learned over the years, and plug it into your OWN system.

I know this is the route a lot of folks want to take … and this can be a fine way to do it … but I see two big potential problems.

For one, you need a lot of experience and knowledge to really do it properly.  Most trainers do an okay-to-poor job, when it comes to programming. That’s not even to mention the average training enthusiast who just slaps together a “hard” workout – but without a lot of ryhme or reason, or thought to progression, etc.

And then even if you CAN do a reasonable job when it comes to the programming piece … it takes a lot of time! We have finally refined the process at FVT – using a system like the one I’m about to share with you – but I literally used to spend hours EACH DAY putting together workouts for my clients.

SO … if you like the idea of putting together your own workouts … but aren’t quite to the level where you have the chops to program yourself, 100% … and/or you you just don’t have the time … I have a GREAT solution for you.

It’s called the Expert Program Design Platform.

This program AUTOMATES the process of designing your workouts. The great thing is, you have flexibility to put in specific exercises etc … but the program puts them together, into a proper framework, so that you get the best results over time.

Learn more about the program at the link below:

=> Expert Program Design Platform

This is the exact system LEAN Performance Academy owner Fred Zoller used to train his staff, and grow to FOUR HUNDRED (you read that right) clients in just over one year.

When it comes to business, Fred knocks it out of the park. He is one of the guys I trust most when seeking advice about my gym. (I am actually going to be visiting him and doing a KB workshop at his new place at the end of next month – I’ll give you more details on that very soon!)

But he is also VERY knowledgable when it comes to training, and getting clients amazing results.  So his program – the Expert Program Design Platform – comes with my highest recommendation.  Learn more about the program at the link below:

=> Expert Program Design Platform

One more thing. I have a special link for you where you can save 33% off the regular price of the program. Fred gave this to me as a friend to share with you, an FVT reader. So if you are interested in his course, make sure to get it through the link below for the best possible price:

=> Expert Program Design Platform (use this link to save 33%)

In conclusion, if you are looking for a program design solution where you can have some creativity and flexibility – but still know that what you are doing has a rhyme and reason, and some sort of progressive structure over time – I highly recommend you check out the Expert Program Design Platform.

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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