[free report] How to Get 1000 Email Subs in 30 Days

Got a new – 100% FREE – PDF report for you to check out today.

This was actually a topic we covered on a call in a recent “Business of Kettlebell Training” group coaching program I put on –

It’s a complete plan, showing you how to get 1000 email subscribers in 30 days.

Download it – no opt in or any strings attached – at the link below:

[free report] How to Get 1000 Email Subs in 30 Days

This report is kind of in its “raw” form – and that’s why I’m giving it to you for free –

Quite frankly, it should be priced at $47, or maybe even $97.

But it’s truly got a complete plan to help you build those 1st 1000 subs on your email list.

They say that each subscriber on your list is worth around $1 per month, give or take.

So if you have 1000 subs on your list, you could very realistically make around 1000 bux a month.

Which is LIFE CHANGING $$ for a lot of trainers!

So check out the report at the link below:

[free report] How to Get 1000 Email Subs in 30 Days

And let me know what you think, okay?


– Forest Vance

PS – I’m putting together a new ‘100k Fitness Blogger’ training program – and I’m looking for Guinea pigs to help! 🙂

This will be a twelve week program where I show you how to get your online blogging / info product / coaching business started – from SCRATCH – in just 90 days, and build the foundation for a 100k+ per year income stream.

If you follow my simple system, you will make your first $ online – and have a repeatable, scalable system to keep doing so – in 90 days or less.

The reason I’m looking for Guinea pigs is because I will be recording the bi-weekly live sessions where we’ll be working together, and turning it into a home study course in the future.

This will be a $1000+ program eventually – which will be a STEAL, because you’ll make your investment back many times over if you follow exactly what we tell you do to! –

But since it’s the first go – around, and since I will be turning the live trainings into a home study course, I am going to offer it at a DEEP discount – just $197 for the entire thing.

I thought about making it free – but the issue is, when something is free, folks don’t put as much of a value on it, and tend not to take real action – so that’s why we’re charging this nominal fee.

If you’re interested, hit ‘reply’ to this message – and let me know:

1 – WHY you want to be a Guinea pig for this training

2 – What makes you a great candidate

3 – If you can afford the $197 ‘Guinea pig’ fee

And if we get as least 5 people that want in, we’ll make it happen!

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