PT Case Study – 9 New Online Clients in 5 Days

Thought it would be cool to share some specifics from when I first launched my online coaching biz, to show you what’s possible.

Back in 2011, I had a pretty full book of clients OFFline … but would end up working early in the morning to late at night most days of the week, and quite honestly was on the edge of burning out.

I was looking for a way to leverage my time … help people not only locally, but around the world … and make a little bit of extra $$ in the process too.

So I put a plan together for how I was going to organize and deliver everything … and just made the announcement that I was now accepting online training clients!

I sent people to an application first, to make sure they were a good fit … then we would get on the phone for about 15 minutes to do a quick interview … and if all sounded good, we would get started.

In the first 5 days, I totally filled up my schedule with all the online clients I could handle at the time (which was 9) … each paying about $200 per month.  I thought it was going to be so much more complicated to get the thing going – and of course there are some technical and logistical details that I don’t want to bore you with in this message – but honestly, it was SO much easier than I thought it would be!

Over the next 12 weeks, those clients went on to get AWESOME results … in many cases, better than our average in-person clients at the gym! … I’ve worked with hundreds more online clients since … and now have built much of what I do online around this distance coaching model.

Hope this case study was helpful for you, and shows a little bit about what is possible if you decide to launch YOUR online coaching business.

Thanks for reading – and talk soon! –

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training
Owner, FVT Publishing and Consulting

PS – If you want my help in the process, let’s chat.  For the right person, I’ve come up with a plan that can EASILY add an extra $1000 – $10000 (or more) to your monthly income with online personal training – within 60 days.  And I want to personally help you execute this plan – for free.  Learn more and apply to talk with me here.

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