(Solo PTs / Small Facility Owners) – BEST Way to Expand Your Fitness Biz?

If you are a solo coach or trainer …

If you currently own a small facility, and want to expand without moving into a larger space …

One of the BEST ways to expand your business could be to take the approach my friend Art McDermott did.

Read his story below:


(Solo PTs / Small Facility Owners) – BEST Way to Expand Your Fitness Biz?
by Art McDermott, COO, National Corporate Fitness Insitute Certification

I ran a small facility and realized the best way to expand – without moving to a larger space – was to set up satellite programs around the area. I knew larger companies were the way to go.

I purchased a product called the “Corporate Bootcamp Training System” written by Greg Justice. Then I hired someone at $10/hour to call everyone in the local Chamber of Commerce business directory with the sole mission of getting me an appointment to meet their HR or Corporate Wellness Team.

After two days, she did it. I had a meeting with the head of HR and her assistant at a very large company (300+ people on-site). I did a lot of background research on the company to prepare for the meeting, printed off my sales presentation and fitness program details and went to the meeting.

It is important to point out – I dressed for a business meeting; not a workout session. I did NOT position myself as a fitness trainer…
I asked a few questions, but largely listened to their needs and frustrations, evaluated their facilities and tailored my solution to fit their problem.

What? Yes, done. I literally walked out with a Purchase Order for $16,000 and started running group fitness classes and providing lunch and learn sessions the following week.

The entire meeting lasted roughly 45 minutes. The entire process from initial phone call to contract in hand took about 11 days.

I held on to that contract until I sold my facility 5 years later. For my business, the total customer value from that contact? $80,000. I will take that kind of return every time …

That one contract resulted in client testimonials, referrals, ‘pilot programs’ for adjacent businesses and the start of a reputation as “the guy” for corporate fitness programs and consulting.

As I came to find out, Greg Justice is the face of corporate fitness in the US.  Greg is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fitness Hall of Fame and has been ‘in the trenches’ for over 30 years.  I had made the correct choice by purchasing his product and it paid off.

– Art McDermott


COOL, right?

Well, Greg and Art have a new certification for trainers that they’ve put together.  It’s specifically designed to help you get your corporate fitness program up and running.  And it’s on sale this week!

Learn more at the link below:

=> National Corporate Fitness Insitute Certification

And if you’re a solo personal trainer or small facility owner, give some serious consideration to this opportunity.

– Forest Vance

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