[fit pros] Unchained Mastermind – Now Accepting Applications

Wrapping up a fantastic weekend at the NorCal Fitness Summit.

Got the opportunity to speak last night on how to start and grow an online fitness business!


As we chatted about a couple of days ago – these events are just SO powerful for connecting with like-minded people that are on the same path, share similar values, and that have a similar vision for their lives.

And that’s why I’m SUPER excited to announce that we are going to be launching a new mastermind group.

See – I currently organize and run a Mastermind group for fitness business owners … but that group is really geared towards folks who are current leaders in the industry … there are business revenue requirements to get in … and it’s full.

So I am putting together another one – called the Unchained Mastermind – for folks who are ASPIRING / UP AND COMING industry leaders … and who want to reach their goals by taking their business online.

You can apply starting TODAY – but let me outline more specifically what we do in this group first, before I give you a link to do so.


The Unchained Mastermind is a group coaching program – led by yours truly – for fit pros who want to take their fitness business online, and want to make the fastest amount of progress in the least amount of time.

Three times per year, we’ll meet in person for a one and a half day intensive goal setting / group coaching session – AND fun! – 1x in Sacramento, 1x in Vegas, and 1x in Chicago or NYC (depending on location of members of the group).

Once per month, we will have a group coaching / hot seat / QnA call – where we follow up on the goals we set, and work through any challenges each member is having.

We’ll have a private Facebook group where we  check in at least once a week and keep the group updated on our goals, get help with challenges, etc.

Each member will also get a once per month private coaching call with me.

Members will also get unlimited access to all of my programs and products as needed.



This is for serious people ONLY – and will require a 12 month commitment.

There are 12 spots available in this group – and 5 are already pre-filled.

And, to be 100% up front – there is also a significant investment to get involved.

However – the VALUE of a group like this – the focus, the extreme accountability, the networking opportunities – is extraordinary.  And the folks who this group is the right fit for, will see this right away.


If so, submit an application at the link below:

=> Unchained Mastermind Application

And I look forward to hearing from you!

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp
Owner, FVT Publishing
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

PS – Masterminds have been SO key to the success I have had in my businesses over the years – and I am BEYOND excited to be putting together this new group!

Apply now at the link below:

=> Unchained Mastermind Application

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