Metabolic Chaos – Workout 4.2

I mentioned the Accelerated Roadmap home study course to you a few days ago.

The emphasis of the program is business oriented – my friend Fred Zoller basically detailed every single thing he did in his business that took him from zero to massive success in a little over three years.

One thing I did NOT emphasize enough I think though, is the workout programming portion of the course.

The program includes:

– Fred’s 8-Week Jump Program
– Fred’s 8-Week Speed Program
– Fred’s 8-Week Strength Program
– 9 of Fred’s Training Templates
– 6 Months of Fred’s Complete Strength Workouts
– 6 Months of Fred’s Metabolic Chaos Workouts

If you get this program, you literally would not have to write a single new workout in 2017 if you didn’t want to, haha!

Here is a sample workout from the 6 months of Metabolic Chaos workouts:

Metabolic Chaos – Workout 4.2
from the Accelerated Roadmap

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds.  Rest for 20 seconds between exercises.  Do 7 rounds total, resting for 30 seconds between rounds.

— Burpees
— Overhead Lunge + Return (done with KBs OR weight plate)
— Stability Ball Leg Curl
— DB Incline Press
— Reverse Crunch


This workout is a GREAT example of the type of programming that just WORKS in large groups.

You can make maximum use of your available space with the circuit format … timed sets make it so that everyone gets a great workout, no matter their fitness level … and the interesting-but-no-too-complex exercise selection is perfect for variety for your clients, while not making it too challenging to coach up.

Plus – how much TIME would you save if you didn’t have to write ANY workouts in 2017?

You could just take the done-for-you programming from Fred’s program and be ready to rock!!

Learn more about the full Accelerated Roadmap course here:

Get The Accelerated Roadmap

And have a great one –

– Forest Vance

PS – The Accelerated Roadmap is only up at the discounted price for a short time longer.  Head over and jump on it now:

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