My Current FB Ads Strategy (free mini course)

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I put together a mini course for you – I go thru the exact strategy I’m using right now with my FB ad campaigns.

Now I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be with this stuff – let me be 100% clear on that.  BUT – I am having some decent success, generating several thousands new email subs each month, and also getting hundreds of new customers, using FB ads. And questions that I get about online business, for some reason, 75% of the time relate to this topic.  So that’s why I put this together for you:

=> My Current FB Ads Strategy (mp3)

=> My Current FB Ads Strategy (notes)

Of course – there is only so much I can cover here, but hopefully this gives you a top-level overview.

If you have questions / want more help, register for the upcoming FB Ads Crash Corse, copied below.

Have a great week!

– Forest


Want to get 1000+ new email subscribers over the next 42 days?

Sign up for my upcoming FB Ads Crash Course for Fit Pros!

Registration is only open for a very short time though – so if you want in, grab your spot now using the form below:

=> FB Ads Crash Course for Fit Pros – Sign Up

You see, I am getting 1000’s of new subscribers from FB every month, and I am going to walk you through exactly what I’m doing, and the full process I’m using to make that happen.

We’ll meet on a special training call, 1x per week, for 6 weeks, and go over:

— Creating a Killer Offer
— Targeting
— Ad Set Up
— Copywriting Basics for FB ads
— Tweaking / Optimzing Your Sales Funnel
— Scaling Up

And more.

I’ll do the training for 30-60 minutes, then we’ll open it up for QnA afterwards, so that you’d get any and all questions you had answered.

You’ll get the full recorded audio and written notes from each training too – so that you won’t have to worry if you have to miss a call, and you’ll have the materials forever for reference.

Of course – results are in no shape or form guaranteed – but the goal is to get you your first (or next) 1000+ email subscribers in the 42 day training program.

The cost is a one-time payment of $197 for the full six week training program. Register now using the link below:

=> FB Ads Crash Course for Fit Pros – Sign Up

Look forward to working with you!

– Forest

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