9 Ways to Get New PT Clients – Free Online Event


We have an amazing opportunity to do what we love, and help others improve their health and their lives for the better.

Ain’t it great?

I am thankful every day for the opportunity.

But I also know – after being in the industry full time for the last 12 years – there are challenges that ALL trainers face.

One of the biggest ones – that I hear about, and get questions about, several times each week – is consistently attracting new clients into your business.

I mean, sure, there are a multitude of challenges when it comes to being a successful personal trainer – but for MOST fitness professionals, if they consistently had 10, 15, 20 or more new clients signing up each month – a lot of their other problems would be solved 🙂

That’s why I am going to do a one-time, 100% FREE training on the topic this Friday, March 17th at 11am PST:

=> 9 Ways to Get New Personal Training / Boot Camp Clients in 2017 (free online workshop)

This training is going to help you FINALLY get some consistent, on-going strategies in place to attract a regular number of new clients into your business each month.

I’ll also leave time at the end to answer questions, and give you personalized help!

But you have to block out the time on your calendar, and commit to showing up. I’m only doing it this one time – and I haven’t decided whether I am going to leave up the replay, so if you are serious about this, you’ll have to attend live:

=> 9 Ways to Get New Personal Training / Boot Camp Clients in 2017 (free online workshop) – Friday, March 17th at 11am PST

If you are still struggling with consistently attracting new personal training / boot camp clients, this is a training you won’t want to miss!

Thanks, talk to you on Friday –

– Forest Vance
Creator, the Strength Coach Business Course

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