#1 Info Product Creation MISTAKE

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Maybe you’ve tried to create a fitness info product or online course, but failed.

Or maybe you’ve thought about it, but haven’t known where to start.

The #1 mistake I see folks make when they do fail is not doing their research, and figuring out if their product is a good idea, BEFORE they spend months or even YEARS of their life creating it.

(At the 30 Day Product Creation Challenge event this Friday, bring me your question(s) about your product. I will take as much time as we need to answer every single question you have, and help you create the perfect idea and hook for your course.)

So today we’re going to rap about how to research your niche and choose the right market.


How to Research Your Niche and Choose the Right Market for Your Info Product or Online Course

1 – You need to sit down, and answer these questions, in as much detail as possible:

– WHO do you want to service?
– What is their NUMBER ONE problem?
– WHAT result / solution are you going to provide for them?

2 – You want to figure out your customer demographics. It is high school athletes? Stay-at-home moms? Baby boomers? You’re going to speak to all of these folks VERY differently … have a very different look and feel to all of your sales materials … and find them in different places. So it’s VERY important.

3 – Do the customer profile exercise. I am going to give you a worksheet that walks you through the exercise when you attend the 30 Day Product Creation Challenge event, but you can Google the term right now to learn more about what this means … you need to answer questions like:

– How are your prospects split in terms of gender? (E.G., approximately what percent are male and what percent are female?)
– What is the age range?
– What is the median age?
– Where does your target market live?
– What is their education level?

4 – Do some market research! Search on Google and see if there are other programs out there like yours, serving a similar market. Do the same on Amazon. If there are other programs like yours, that is a GOOD sign … because that means people are buying them.

Ideally, you find a market niche where there is a big need, that is somewhat underserved, and where you can establish yourself as an authority.


If you go through this process BEFORE you start creating your info product or online course, you will be ahead of 99% of other newbie fitness marketers out there.

If you want me to walk you through the FULL process to get your product done and to market in 30 days, including:

– Research your niche and choose the right market
– Find a designer to quickly, easily and affordably build your website
– Create your product
– Recruit affiliates to sell your product
– Write your sales copy
– Set up your payment processor
– Write emails to sell your product
– LAUNCH to the world!

We have a special online live event scheduled for THIS FRIDAY at 11am PST where I am going to walk you through the entire process.

We will cover every last detail of how to create your product in 30 days, and start making an extra 200, 300, 500 per week or more online.

I will take as much time as we need to answer every question you have.

You will get detailed notes from the call, so that you’ll have the exact step-by-step plan to create your product in 30 days.

And you’ll get the recording of the event that you can access and listen to for life from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Register here for the Forest Vance 30 Day Product Creation Challenge event

Talk to you on Friday –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training
Owner, FVT Publishing and Consulting

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