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Let’s Chat …

AlRIGHT! We are back in action after the Holiday weekend, and I’m feeling better than EVER … SUPER excited for the rest of this year, and so much awesomeness to come in 2016!! We have been running a “KB/BW/BB Workouts … Continue reading

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Are you making these dangerous fitness business mistakes?

I am working on a new project, called “The Top 21 Fitness Business Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them!” It’s not quite done yet, but thought I’d share a few of the mistakes covered in the program with you … Continue reading

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Outsourcing Effectively With (video)

I LOVE  I use it at least on a weekly basis to get simple tasks done on the cheap … From setting up a basic WordPress blog, to designing a customized Twitter background, to making a slick promo video … Continue reading

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