LIVE Online Biz Implementation Day – Feb 18th, 2017 in Sacramento, CA


We have a live online biz implementation day scheduled for Feb 18th, 2017 in Sacramento, CA.

This message is your official invite!

Folks who have gone through, or are currently going through, the Unchained – 6 Week Online Business Bootcamp for Trainers and Coaches, got a free ticket, and first dibs on registration last week.

But have 4 spots left, so I am opening it up to anyone who would like to attend.

This is your chance to get individualized and specific advice on your business from me, live and in person.

I’ll give you my blueprint to scale your online business to six figures per year and beyond.

And you will also have the chance to network, and learn from other fit pros about what’s working in their businesses!

$97 reserves your spot.

Fill out the link below with your info and make payment to reserve your spot:

You’ll get address of the venue where we are holding the event, and other details, when you register.

If you have any questions, hit me back and let me know – I am happy to help.

Look forward to seeing you there!

– Forest Vance

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Metabolic Chaos – Workout 4.2

I mentioned the Accelerated Roadmap home study course to you a few days ago.

The emphasis of the program is business oriented – my friend Fred Zoller basically detailed every single thing he did in his business that took him from zero to massive success in a little over three years.

One thing I did NOT emphasize enough I think though, is the workout programming portion of the course.

The program includes:

– Fred’s 8-Week Jump Program
– Fred’s 8-Week Speed Program
– Fred’s 8-Week Strength Program
– 9 of Fred’s Training Templates
– 6 Months of Fred’s Complete Strength Workouts
– 6 Months of Fred’s Metabolic Chaos Workouts

If you get this program, you literally would not have to write a single new workout in 2017 if you didn’t want to, haha!

Here is a sample workout from the 6 months of Metabolic Chaos workouts:

Metabolic Chaos – Workout 4.2
from the Accelerated Roadmap

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds.  Rest for 20 seconds between exercises.  Do 7 rounds total, resting for 30 seconds between rounds.

— Burpees
— Overhead Lunge + Return (done with KBs OR weight plate)
— Stability Ball Leg Curl
— DB Incline Press
— Reverse Crunch


This workout is a GREAT example of the type of programming that just WORKS in large groups.

You can make maximum use of your available space with the circuit format … timed sets make it so that everyone gets a great workout, no matter their fitness level … and the interesting-but-no-too-complex exercise selection is perfect for variety for your clients, while not making it too challenging to coach up.

Plus – how much TIME would you save if you didn’t have to write ANY workouts in 2017?

You could just take the done-for-you programming from Fred’s program and be ready to rock!!

Learn more about the full Accelerated Roadmap course here:

Get The Accelerated Roadmap

And have a great one –

– Forest Vance

PS – The Accelerated Roadmap is only up at the discounted price for a short time longer.  Head over and jump on it now:

Get The Accelerated Roadmap here

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100k Training Biz Checklist


It was eight years ago almost exactly that I was getting ready to launch my personal training business.

I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea what I was doing 🙂

I started out decently well I thought .. I think I did about 20k in total revenue the first 90 days I was in business.

I remember thinking – this is easy! I should have done this so much sooner!

Lol 🙂

But as the business grew, things got more complex.

My expenses started to go up, because I was training more clients, and so paying more rent to the gym I was subleasing space from.

I had no systems in place – which meant I was running around like a crazy person, working early morning till late at night, trying to not only train all my clients, but write workouts, manage everyone’s workout schedules, take care of the billing, and so much more.

10 months in, I almost quit, and went back to the big box gym I had worked at for the previous 3 years.

Thankfully I didn’t – because over the next year, we almost doubled the business – we outgrew the gym I was originally subleasing from, and I ended up opening our first facility – and we’ve gone on to help over a thousand people in our local community with their fitness goals, and build a very successful and profitable business in the process.

One thing I wish I had done though was gotten more guidance in the beginning.

It would have helped me learn from mistakes others doing what I wanted to do, had already made, and I could have taken the fast track to success.

That’s why I’m doing more articles like this – and will be moving forward – so that I can help you with everything I have experienced since being in business in 2008.

I have a ‘100k Fitness Business Checklist’ for you today that you can use to help you get your business up and running, and to that initial 100k revenue mark.

Check it out:

100k Fitness Business Checklist

Vision, Mission & Values – have you thought about these and defined them?

Naming Your Business – have you thought about this, if it represents where you are going with your business and the type of clients you want to attract?

Logo Development – does it reflect your vision, mission, values, and name?

Branding – how does this tie in to your vision, mission, values, and name?

Services & Pricing – are your services priced correctly? Do you have on – going / long term agreements in place?

Lead Generation – do you have systems in place to bring in a consistent stream of new prospective clients into your business?

Prospect Follow Up – do you have systems in place to follow up and convert those leads?

New Member Process – what is the process you take new clients through when they start? Is it consistent every time?

Member Retention – what do you do to keep clients happy and training with you for the long term?

Bookkeeping – what are the systems you have in place to keep your books up to date?

Client Leaving Process – what is the process someone must go through when they leave your business?


Now clearly there are more details that go into building a six figure training business.

But this checklist is a great starting point.

I hope it is helpful for you!

If you have questions and / or I can help with anything as you build your fitness business, let me know – I am here to help.

Stay focused, and work hard –

– Forest

PS – My friends and fitness business experts Pat Rigsby and Fred Zoller just released The Accelerated Roadmap.

This course takes it steps further, and goes into great detail on all the things on the checklist above, and much more.

It’s on sale this week, so if you are interested, go check it out at the link below:

Get The Accelerated Roadmap Here

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485 Online PT Leads in 30 Days

Steven Digital Nomad

I know that getting a stream of consistent leads is something a lot of trainers struggle with … and I KNOW that if you had 485 people who were interested in training with you, that you could get at LEAST 5 or 10 of them as clients … and 5 or 10 online training clients is ALL YOU NEED to generate an extra $1000-$2000 per month in your online personal training business … so let’s do this! 😉


We go more in-depth into the concepts in today’s article – and you can get my personal help and feedback in the process – in Unchained, my 6 Week Online Business Bootcamp


Step 1 of generating 485 online PT leads in 30 days is getting a system set up where you can collect those leads.

The way we’re going to do this is by creating a training course of some kind on a focused topic to give away for free.

This is people’s entry point into your world, if you will. It’s your chance to give away some of your best stuff – for FREE – wow your prospects, and start a great on-going relationship with them.

That’s why we want to make it GOOD, and on a topic that people really want.

An easy way to get ideas for this is to do an informal survey … ask your current training clients, your social media followers, etc – what are the BIGGEST problems they are struggling with? … and you create a short, but highly useful, training around that.

You can also just expand on a successful blog post, video, etc that you may have done in the past.

It doesn’t have to be BIG – a 10 minute video or 5 page PDF report is great – but it needs to solve a big problem for folks, and be valuable and genuinely useful.

Once you’ve got this done, then we have to set up a way for people to get their hands on it.

You’ll set up a page where folks can put in their email address, will automatically be added to your email list, and then send your free gift.

And BOOM – your lead generation machine is up and running!


Now, for STEP 2 –

We are going to focus on driving people in a variety of ways to that page, and getting them to exchange their email address for your free give-away.

There are MANY ways to do this … but I would start with writing articles, doing YouTube videos, and social media.

The idea being, you provide folks with a great article, video, social media post, whatever … and at the end, you say “hey, if you liked this post, you’ll LOVE my free report on xyz – go to to get it!”

Here’s an actionable plan to get 485 new people on your list in 30 days or less:

1. Post 3 times per day to your Facebook fan page and / or Instagram account. 2 of those posts are useful content, 1 of them is a link where you send folks to check out your free report. You’re able to get 10 people per day to click the links from social media … 5 of those people sign up to get your free course … and you get 5 new people per day on your email list this way.

2. Land one guest post per week on a blog in your niche. You give that blogger a free content piece in exchange for a link back to your squeeze page. This gets you an average of 100 clicks to your squeeze page every time an article is posted, and an average of 50 new subscribers per week.

3. Post one new video to YouTube per week. Each video gets a couple hundreds views, and you have 10 or 15 of the folks who watch it end up going and getting your free training as well.


So in 30 days, we can easily get:

— Social – 5 subs / day = 150 total
— Guest articles (5) @ 50 subs / each = 250 total
— YouTube – (5) @ 10-15 subs / each = 85 total


Hope this helps!

Thanks, talk soon –

– Forest

PS – Get my personal help in putting all of this into action, and making it work for YOUR specific situation, here:

=> Unchained – 6 Week Online Business Bootcamp for Fit Pros

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6 Week Online Business Boot Camp

Excited to share with you a project I’ve been working on for the last few months!

It’s officially “live” today – super pumped 🙂

This is a 6 week online business “bootcamp” where I show you how I’ve built my online kettlebell training biz over the last few years.

It starts at the beginning and outlines my full process … the goal is to help you get up and running, and to get you working with coaching clients, as well as to help you get the foundation built for your online business, in 6 weeks (or less).

Anyway – the official “launch” for the course is this week, and you can get it at a discount for the next couple of days – so thought I would share the link here for anyone who might be interested:

If you have friends and / or family who you think might be interested, also feel free to share this message.

In fact – please do! 🙂

Have a great day –

– Forest

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Did you miss this?

Our first Unchained Mastermind meeting is a wrap!


We kicked off with a “signature” FVT Lean and Jacked workout at the gym on Thursday afternoon …

Had several great meals together …

And had a VERY full day on Friday, digging into everyone’s individual businesses, and making fast track plans for success.

Can’t wait to see all the progress these already successful fitness business owners are going to make before our April meeting in Vegas!

Now it’s too bad that you missed the meeting.

And of course, I can’t share what we covered – in respect to the time, energy, and financial investment folks in the group have made it be a part of it … what happens in the Unchained Mastermind, stays in the Unchained Mastermind 😉 –

But I CAN tell you that one thing that came up over and over in our meeting was the concept of FOCUS.

You see – when it comes to goals you’re trying to reach … whether it be taking your business to the next level, or losing 35 pounds, or adding 100 pounds to your deadlift …

FOCUS is truly the key to success.

And many times, it not so much what TO focus on for success … it’s what NOT to … that is TRULY needed to get where you want to go!

I recently came across an article about Warren Buffet that illustrates the concept perfectly.

He put his personal airline pilot through a three step exercise.

He had him write down his top 25 career goals.

Then he asked him to review the list, and circle his top 5.

His pilot did so with some careful consideration … and then said he would get to work on the top 5 goals right away!

Buffet then asked him about the 20 he DIDN’T circle.

His pilot said they would not be a priority, but he would work on them when he had the time.

Buffet went on to explain that the 20 he didn’t circle, were NOT to be worked on … they were his AVOID-AT-ALL-COSTS list!  Because until he achieves the top 5 … all the time and energy and resources he spends on the other 20 … is the ENEMY of him reaching his biggest goals.

Powerful, right?

And very applicable to you.

This applies to all aspects of your life.

So take some time today, and think about what YOUR top business, fitness, and life goals are for 2017.  Pick your most important ones.  And make this the year you FOCUS … and knock those goals out of the park!!

To your success –

– Forest

PS – If you are interested in joining the Unchained Mastermind in 2017, let me know. I am purposely keeping the group SMALL … and there are actually a couple of folks who weren’t able to make it out to Sacramento for our first in-person meeting, and are actually missing from the pic above … but we do currently still have a couple of spots open as we move into 2017.

PPS – If one of your big goals right is starting an online training / coaching business, also be sure to stay tuned. I’ve got a coaching program coming next week on the topic that you’re going to LOVE 🙂

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High-Level Biz Group for Fit Pros – Last Chance to Apply

For the last few weeks, I have been telling you about the high-level business group for fit pros that we are starting up.

If you’ve been thinking about it but haven’t done so yet, this is your last call to submit an application:

=> Apply for the Unchained Mastermind

The Unchained Mastermind is high-level business group for trainers and coaches.

Three times per year, we meet in person for a one and a half day intensive goal setting / group coaching session – AND fun! – 1x in Sacramento, 1x in Vegas, and 1x in NYC.

Once per month, we have a “Roundtable Mastermind” group coaching / hot seat / QnA call – where we follow up on the goals we set, and work through any challenges each member is having.

We have a private Facebook group where we check in once per week and keep the group updated on our goals, get help with challenges, etc.

And each member also gets a once per month private coaching call with me.

The cool thing about this coaching program is that it’s not just about work … it’s about fun, too!

For example – our first live, in-person meeting is scheduled for the beginning of December in Sacramento, CA.

Sacramento is a very cool spot in itself … but we are also a 90 minute drive from Napa, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and many other world-famous attractions.

So on Thursday afternoon, we will meet as a group for a workout.  Then we’ll go out to dinner at a new hot local restaurant.  Sacramento is well-known for its farm-to-fork food scene.

Then on Friday, we’ll meet as a group.  We will go from about 8am to 5pm … we have a guest speaker lined up that you’ll love … I will share about what’s working in my businesses … and we’ll finish with “hot seats” and goal setting to give everyone in the group SPECIFIC marching orders for the next 90 days to reach their business goals.

Then we’ll go out to a group dinner on Friday night to wrap up a productive – and fun! – couple of days together.

I am very excited to be starting this group because I know I can help trainers and coaches experience the joy of success in their businesses.  “Success” is defined differently by different people … but having a business that allows you time freedom, location freedom, and plenty of income to meet and exceed your needs is the goal to help you get to with this mastermind.

And I will personally tell you, having been a member of several of these groups over the years … if you want to get to your goals FAST … this is THE way to do it.

There is nothing like the power of a group like this … having the combined knowledge of all the folks in the room … and having to PAY, and knowing you have something invested in success … to get shit done!!!

Check out what a few folks I’ve worked with have to say:

“Forest is a successful personal trainer, business owner and fitness business coach … and he’s helped me double my OFFLINE business last year”

– Jeremy M

“I’ve been online for about 18 months, but was struggling to generate sales on a consistent basis. Forest helped me structure the backend of my funnel at our first meeting in Sacramento.

The very next week I did a 3 day promotion that generated over $1,500 in sales.”

– Kiley L

“Hey Forest – thanks to our goal setting last week, I have already increased my list by 207 subscribers! Thanks for the push man!”

– Laura M

So now is the time.  The group is almost full.

If you’ve been thinking about it but haven’t done so yet, this is your last call to submit an application:

=> Apply for the Unchained Mastermind

Once you do, we will hop on the phone ASAP to chat and make sure it’s a good fit … and get you signed up!!

Thanks –

– Forest Vance

PS – I have shared several related content pieces on the FVTBiz blog that are related to goals we’ll be helping you work towards in the group – check them out at the links below if you missed them:

The ULTIMATE “Lifestyle” Fitness Business? =>

5 Reasons You’re Not Making Real Money Online – and What to Do About It =>

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ATTN Trainers and Coaches :-O

RFE Mastermind Group – Sept 16 meeting in Sacramento, CA

Exciting times!

Have been busy since the beginning of October doing intro / goal setting calls with our new Unchained Mastermind members, setting up their “fast action” plans for the next six weeks …

Our first UM Roundtable Mastermind call is coming up next week with the full group …

And our first live, in-person meeting is scheduled for Dec 1st and 2nd in Sacramento, CA.

I’m writing you today because we have 3 spots left in the group, and I’m wondering – would you like to join us?

The Unchained Mastermind is a group coaching program for fit pros who want to take their fitness business online, and want to make the fastest amount of progress in the least amount of time.

Three times per year, we meet in person for a one and a half day intensive goal setting / group coaching session – AND fun! – 1x in Sacramento, 1x in Vegas, and 1x in NYC.

Once per month, we have a “Roundtable Mastermind” group coaching / hot seat / QnA call – where we follow up on the goals we set, and work through any challenges each member is having.

We have a private Facebook group where we check in once per week and keep the group updated on our goals, get help with challenges, etc.

And each member also gets a once per month private coaching call with me.

YES – this is an intensive program.

But it is also all about RESULTS!

Trying to do it on your own, vs being in a group like this … can be the difference between you getting to your goals in months, or even weeks – instead of years.

I personally attribute much of the success I’ve had in both my brick and mortar gym / training studio businesses, and my online businesses, to being a part of mastermind groups like this over the years.

So if you are SERIOUS about getting your business online, submit your application at the link below:

=> Unchained Mastermind Application

And I look forward to hearing from you!

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp
Owner, FVT Publishing
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

PS – Check out what Kiley has to say about how being in the Mastermind has helped him:

“Forest Vance’s mastermind group has already been a game changer to my business.

I’ve been online for about 18 months, but was struggling to generate sales on a consistent basis. Forest helped me structure the backend of my funnel at our first meeting in Sacramento.

The very next week I did a 3 day promotion that generated over $1,500 in sales.

Plan and simple, these marketing techniques WORK. If you want to take your online fitness business to the next level, I highly suggest you join one of Forest’s masterminds.”

– Kiley Lynch

=> Apply Now for the Unchained Mastermind (4 spots left)

PPS – Once you submit your application, I will personally review it to make sure we can help – based on where you’re at and what your business goals are for the next 12 months.

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to set up a quick phone chat to make sure it’s a good fit.

And we’ll hit the ground running!

So if you are going back and forth on if you should apply … do it!!  :-O  You have nothing to lose, and I’d love to hear from you.

=> Apply Now for the Unchained Mastermind

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Facebook is Dead (do this instead)


Are you trying to post to social media to spread the word about your info product, membership site, or online training program … but it’s not really working the way you would like it to?

Are you trying to reach out to potential affiliates or JV partners … but are not getting the response you’d like?

Have you tried running Facebook ads … but they haven’t worked as well as you thought they would?

I’m here to tell you to STOP!

Because what you’re doing isn’t getting you anywhere.

Posting to social media is FINE … but you need to have a strategy behind it, and at the end of the day, if you are trying to run a business … it needs to be making you money.

If you can track what you’re doing back to making sales – GREAT!  Keep it up.

But for a lot of folks, posting a short video clip of a cool exercise you did today … or a post-workout selfie with the perfect filter … is MUCH easier than making the effort to get new people on your email list, writing a daily email to that list, helping them in some way, and presenting them with an offer … but it’s also not getting you the traction you want.

Reaching out to potential JV partners or affiliates is GREAT … it’s one of the main things most successful online marketers rely on to grow their businesses … but it has to be done in the RIGHT WAY.

Be COOL. Go in with a helping hand FIRST. Show up at live events. Join mastermind groups. Get out there and meet people face-to-face and buy them a drink and start up a conversation. Think LONG TERM.

If your approach isn’t working, take a close look at what you’re doing and figure out WHY.

Running ads is also GREAT … but there are so many places that things can break down. From the ad image to the copy to the landing page to the follow up and conversion process … if this is something you truly want to master … don’t give up!

And take the time to study and learn marketing and sales. It’s the backbone of this, and ALL that we do.

Well, today’s post turned out to be a rant more than anything! 🙂 … but hopefully it was helpful for you.

I am going to go into these topics in depth, and many more, such as:

— Why I struggled for FOUR YEARS to build my online fitness business – and how you can avoid the biggest mistake I made, and take the fast track to success.

— ESSENTIAL skills you need to develop – that you probably are NOT working on now – to take your online fitness business to six figures and beyond.

— THE system 95%+ of successful online fitness marketers use to drive their businesses. I’ll give you the blueprint for this system, so that you can started right away on building your online fitness empire!

On the live online training event I’m putting on tomorrow at 1230 pm PST.

I am doing this special event as a way to say THANKS to my loyal subscribers like YOU … for FREE!

But in all likelihood, to answer your big question ahead of time, there will NOT be a replay. You have to register and show up to get the goods 🙂

So get signed up now at the link below:

And look forward to talking soon.

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training
Owner, FVT Publishing and Consulting

PS – The software we’re using to run this event allows for 100 attendees MAX – so you’ll want to reserve your spot ASAP if you’re interested:

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The ULTIMATE Lifestyle Fitness Business?

Steven Digital Nomad

This could be the ULTIMATE Lifestyle Fitness Business model.

With this business model, making 100k per year working around an hour a day, is VERY do-able.

Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Though the current FVT Publishing and Consulting model has shifted (we’re moving towards doing more hands-on coaching, live events, etc) – a couple of years ago, this is exactly what I was doing.

And if I ever wanted to “retire”, move to an island somewhere, and work just a few hours a week – this is the exact plan I would follow.

What could be the ULTIMATE Lifestyle Fitness Business model is all outlined in today’s call – and you can listen for FREE, using the link below:

=> The ULTIMATE Lifestyle Fitness Business?

The call is about 35 minutes, and we go into:

— Exactly what the “Ultimate Lifestyle Business Model” IS
— The RIGHT way to set it all up
— The ins and outs and technical details of how to make it all work

And MUCH more.

Listen now for free at the link below:

=> The ULTIMATE Lifestyle Fitness Business?

– Forest Vance

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